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Budget laptop released by HP in 2014.

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Laptop working but no display

HP 250 G4 working and there is no display. Please HELP… LCD and connector everything is fine.

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Have you tried repeatedly pressing the screen image display key (5th key from left, top row - rectangle symbol with line either side) toggling between laptop, external and both to see if the laptop display comes on?

Try connecting an external monitor to the laptop’s HDMI port and check if you get a display on it.

Even a TV can be used as an external monitor as long as it has HDMI inputs and you have a HDMI cable with the appropriate connectors to connect the two devices together.

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connected with external monitor. Still no display. But the laptop have the windows startup sound and everything!



Looking at the hardware and maintenance manual for your laptop (found from this webpage) it has a CPU with integrated graphics, no separate GPU.

It is hard to imagine that just the GPU functions in the CPU have failed and that the CPU is still OK so I guess that it must be a motherboard problem.

Try going back to basics.

Try starting the laptop in "safe mode" and check if you get a display or not.

Google search for "(insert laptop's Win OS type, i.e.Win 7 or Win 8.1 or Win 10) safe mode" to find out how to do this.

if no good in safe mode turn off the laptop and remove the HDD from the laptop (see manual p.42 if you need to know how)

Start the laptop and press Esc then quickly press F10 (first press one then the other, not both together) and check if you can "see" the BIOS menus come on the screen.

if you can't then it is definitely a motherboard problem.

If you can then that is good news that everything needed to show a display is working.

You may have to repair the Windows installation. What Win OS is installed in the laptop, Win 7, 8.1 or10?

but first 1 step at a time ;-)


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