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Repair information and guides for the iPhone 6S released by Apple on September 25, 2015. Models: A1688, A1633

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6s stuck on apple logo, tried all the normal solutions.


So I went to fix my friends iPhone 6s for what I assumed was just a simple battery problem. His phone randomly stopped working and got stuck on the apple logo, unable to go to the homescreen.

Tried a new battery, tried other batteries, same issue. I then took his screen/the new battery and tried on a different iPhone 6s and they both worked perfectly fine.

I tried a new screen on his phone, same issue. Tried unplugging all the cables (charging port, home button cable, front facing camera, back camera). Pretty much tried everything I know on how to fix this type of solution and unfortunately had no luck.

As a last resort I wanted to come here and see if anyone has any other suggestions for me to attempt. It stays on the apple logo forever before it has a quick flash, then back on the logo. Then eventually the screen just goes black. Appreciate any suggestions and help

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Try updating it through iTunes and see what happens.


Okay, will def give that a try.



Could be that he doesn’t have enough space on the phone to start. Had the same issue and I had to completely restore the phone


watch this video will help you fix your stuck on logo iphone


Watched the video, I know about 3utools. Doesn't the software cost money?


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Software crash thats why is not loading, try to put it in DFU Mode , if you get it to DFU mode there’s the issue. you can try to update it but it might fail , if you flash it from 3Utools still gonna restore the device

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It's in DFU mode, tried to flash it with 3utools while retaining users data and failed at 33%

Having trouble getting it out of DFU mode now.


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