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Toyota Tacoma Clicks When Starting

I have a 2009 Toyota Tacoma.

I had an issue about a year ago where it started to “click” when I would start it.

First I was told it was the battery so I bought a new battery. A couple days later it started doing it again and I was told it was the starter so I bought a new starter.

Now almost a year later, my friend tells me yesterday it started doing the “click” before turning over thing again.

It happened 3 times yesterday and today while she was telling me about it, it took 5 times before it turned over. I could hear the “click” each time she tried to start it.

Surely the starter can’t be bad I just replaced it a freaking year ago.

Also, it seems to be getting worse at an alarming rate considering it just started yesterday and went from 1-2 “clicks” before turning over to the 5 I heard this morning.

Any ideas on what it might be?

I do understand it could be a faulty Starter but I also know it could be a dozen other things. Spark plugs, fuel filter, air filter, wires, pipes… whatever.

I am hoping that with the alarming rate it appears to be dying at or at least having issues whatever the problem is it will give someone a tip to point me in the right direction.

I have had starters die before but Never one this fast so I am hoping it is something else as I will be seriously PO’ed as I had it less then a year and it is dying….. I already drove over the 24,000/2 year warranty so I can’t even use that.

Anyway, if you can help please do so,


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The price you pay for parts is also a factor of how long they last, buying cheaper rebuilt parts will not last as long as a new OE part from the dealer. If you click click click then it starts is not a weak battery. I would inspect the wiring from the battery to the starter and from the battery to grounds to include cleaning these terminals and connections. A weak connection will give these same symptoms. As you try to make the starter work, a weak connection will heat up creating a better connection and allow more amps to flow to the starter. Otherwise you will need to replace the starter again if all electrical items test good, this includes wires from your ignition switch to the fuse panel and starter relay to the starter solenoid and all mentioned wires and connections. Loose wires and corrosion will act this same way.

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If you have a NipponDenso starter, your solenoid contacts could be worn, these parts are available to repair the starter.


No clue if it is a NipponDenso... I do know I paid $230 for it.

My husband is going to check all of my wires and connections today and see about putting in new spark plugs. I know I need a New air filter as it is getting sluggish again.

I am letting my friend borrow my truck and when she first got in it yesterday I was in the phone with her and heard it “click” 5 times before it turned over then then after a few hours I met up with her and we stopped at several places and the truck started without an issue (Yes I am aware this is signs of a bad starter) I am beginning to wonder if maybe it has something to do with the ignition.

When it turns over and runs it sounds completely normal to me. I’m beginning to wonder if it isn’t her.

I don’t know, wishful thinking I suppose.

I have an appt to have it looked at on Monday so one way or another I will get this figured out.

Thank you for the reply,



Susan Hackett, Of course your spark plugs are only for preventive maintenance for better gas milage and has nothing to do with your current problem. It is possible that the way a person turns the key may be a problem if the key cylinder or ignition switch is going bad but if you play with it in the start position and wiggle it a little, typically it will start. ALSO put the vehicle in N, not Park, to start it, if it starts every time in N, then you have a P N Switch that is going bad. You can also try to Start with the key and play with the gear selector to see if it starts in P.


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Neutral safety switch, mine did the same thing. Passenger side of transmission. Easy fix, about $30.

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