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Guides for the LTE version of the iPad Mini 4—model A1550. Announced on September 9, 2015, the iPad Mini 4 is the successor to the iPad Mini 3.

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Issues with screen screen replacement not staying down


My friend gave me his ipad mini 4 to repair as i usally fix phones/laptops/and tablets for fun but i have not had this much trouble with a device before.

I’m on my second screen as i tried to force the last one and it cracked

when i put the 2 rbbon cable and screw them and everything seems relitively flat but as soon as i lower doen the scren to get it closed the bottom portion where the home button is is lifted slightly. i had tried to apply a bit of pressure to get it to stay down while i applied the adhesive but that didn’t work and ended up craking the screen

I’m not sure what i should be looking at when i apply some pressure the bend seems to come from the battery but looking at it i can’t se anything wrong with it and putting back the old screen works is it possible both screens i purchased have a defect?

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Is the iPad housing bent or dented in any way at the bottom of the iPad?

If not have you tried using some B7000 liquid glue to hold down the glass at that area? You can use that by applying some under the glass or gap at the bottom then applying a bit of pressure and clamping it down with some scotch tape. It’ll take at least 24 hours for the glue to set but it will do the job.

(Edit: Forgot to say this but wipe the excess glue before letting it set for a cleaner finish)

I wouldn’t worry about it getting it very flush because it’ll be more hassle to get it flush as you’ve seen.

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The ipad has been thorougly cleaned and i can’t see any dent’s or bends.

when i tried to apply a bit of pressure it ended up snapping the other screen, i can try pressing down on it withlittle force at one spcific location but if i apply force on multiple locations thats when it finnally snapped


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