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The second generation Suzuki Vitara is slightly larger than the first generation. A rebadged version was sold in North America as the Chevrolet Tracker.

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Why does my battery work only when I jump it


ok, it started with my car not starting a while back while i was in the store. i thought i had left my lights on or something. well just by wiggling the battery cable i was able to get it started so i figured my cable was just loose.. months goes by and it happens again only this time wiggling the wire didnt work.. a gentleman that tried to help me thought my cables were bad so i had to call for a jump which started me right up.. after that my problem has gotten worse so im thinking i need a new battery! but today when i got in my car it was dead ahgain but for some reason i grabbed ahold of my steering column and held it tight (i bought the car used less than a year ago and the column was already loose but i didnt notice it till after i got it home) so anyway by me holding it tight and eve kinda shaking my hand as i turned the key wala!! it started. that is the second time ive been able to start my car by doing that but my husband wont listen to me!! help me please is there something in my steering column that could be causeing my trouble or do i need a new battery

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@sammycatd this sounds like a bad ignition lock or a loose connector on the wiring harness from the steering column. What exact year is your Grand Vitara? Of course you made sure that your battery is okay and that you cleaned and fixed your battery cables.

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ITS a 2001 and yeah i got a post cleaner thing and checked to make sure things were tight but i know very little about working on cars oh and really dont know how to check the battry


Did you replace the battery? Do you have a voltmeter? does it always start when it is getting boosted (jumped)?


no i havnt been able to do anything to it yet, im just not convinced that the battery is the ptoblem because twice now when starting my car if i hold the steering column in place it starts.. it lags for a few secs but i got it started.. and twice ive tried jumping it and it didnt work but most often jumping it will start it right up


I agree that it could be something else but you want to rule everything else out as well. Clean the battery posts and fix the wiring of the battery cables. IF that doe s not accomplish it then you got to look at the ignition key wiring


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