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Device and repair information for the Dell XPS 13 laptop models 9343 and 9350, which were both released in 2015.

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Where can I buy battery for Dell XPS 13 9360?

I have tried searching for it on Dell website, not much luck there. I am looking at eBay now, would you recommend to buy one there?

  • It’s Dell XPS 13 9360 which I bought more than 2 years ago. Great laptop, still feels like new, only thing - battery lasts for 3-4 hours instead of 8-9.


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You can but just buy a newer one

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Do you mean newer battery? I am little confused, is this one used? How could you tell? Could you share any other link where I can find good battery? Thanks!


No that one is fine I’d buy one that has 4 to 5 star rating


@apple_fixnoah ok, sorry for repeating myself but this one has 4.7 rating so you would buy it right?

Also, this one, for example, is more than 2 times expensive, what can be the reason? Is this one knock-off (maybe good but still knock-off) or what?


It could be a better quality one I would buy it


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