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Released April 2018. Identified by model number EML-L29.

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[P20 Lite] Is the problem with my screen or motherboard?

I was given a phone what had fell down from a high place, if you turn the phone on / or put the charging cable in the phone, the phone vibrates, a flashing red-light occurs at the top of the phone and screen gets some red&blue&green lines running through it.

I’d like to know if the problem is with the screen or the motherboard, is it worth fixing?

Block Image

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Hi @roal ,

it’s a LCD&Digitizer issue. Follow this video to see, how to repair your issue.

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Thanks, just put my order in for new LCD & frame.

Cheers mate, hopefully I'll be able to make the repair :)


You are welcome, you will fix it! :) Good luck


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