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The HP 15 laptop can be identified by the model number R263DX.

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Do you happen to know a motherboard upgrade that will fit this case?

The laptop just started going black, even though I see power to the CAPS LOCK (blinking white) and the Airplane mode key is on (orange).

I tried different memory, no change.

I tried hooking up to a HDMI and switching to another TV, no change, no picture.

I removed the drive and hooked it up to a USB3.0/2.0 to SATA/IDE cable and it seemed fine.

If I’m going to replace the motherboard (video card seems soldered as well as CPU) I was wondering if there was another motherboard that would fit the existing parts?

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Try changing the screen or its cable


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Blinking caps refers most of the time to a bad CPU or video chipset or ram (but you already changed the ram modules). You could reball them to check if this will work (gpu or cpu).

Otherwise you need to replace the motherboard. When you replace the motherboard, the exact laptop model/motherboard name & type needs to be the same as you have.

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ended up replacing the motherboard a week before this reply after exhausting all my options. Works fine now. I was able to figure it out independently of this post.


Alright. Well I’m glad the issue is fixed for you now. Sorry for the late answer.


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