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7.9 inch display / Model A1432 / Available in black or white / Announced October 23rd, 2012 / 16, 32, or 64 GB capacity

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Weird discolouring on a customer’s battery.

Hey all

I received an iPad mini 1 that needed a new digitizer, so I opened it up and noticed that on the battery there were a few spots with abnormal colouring. The pictures explain it better than I can. Does anyone know if this is something to be concerned about? Thanks.

Block Image

Block Image

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Got to love these commercial repair rascals that expect monetary returns for the repairs they do, but come into a community driven forum seeking free advice instead of paying business support fees to the manufacturer of the the devices they are repairing. I've seen this a few times now, including some that will list several of their customers device problems one after another saying it is their own unit. Is this acceptable in this forum to the mods and/or the powers that be. Personally I just ignore them but would like a clear concept on the rules here for this topic.


Hi, I’m a very new repair person just getting into this kind of thing. I run my business out of my house and don’t really do things for customers, I mainly buy broken devices on the internet and resell them. I’m only here because I’m trying to learn more about this type of thing and what to do, so I don’t see why I shouldn’t be allowed to post. But as you said, it’s up to the mods.


@taffythecat "Weird discolouring on a customer’s battery." Probably should be a little more careful on your wording then. :-)


I put it that way since they are technically my customer. It’s just someone from my neighbourhood who heard that I repair electronics, and offered me a little bit of money to fix their tablet.


@propman most people are going to find the site because they have a problem they have not been able to solve. That's how I got here. But the answers were so bad and uninformed I got POed. So I have spend almost the last ten years attempting to give quality answers. Now I will occasionally ask a question, sometimes I'm to close to the forest, sometimes it's rhetorical to teach or go into something new. I'll probably soon start asking about Catalina so people can respond and we build a good answer base to refer to. We have had some folks just use us with no attempt at giving anything back. I remember one out of South America in particular. After a while we stopped giving him answers and he went away. But this is a learning forum and we do learn from each other. So don't worry about it, just do your best, the moderators are here to insult those who chose to use us to much. I can be tacky on occasion. I'm old and hurt a lot, thus a grumpy old man. Expect no thanks for what you do here except the camaraderie of your peers. After all @oldturkey03 hit 600,000 in reputation last week and received absolutely no thanks from or recognition from anyone. So do it out of the goodness of your heart and expect nothing in return, your Heavenly Father knows what you do and so do we.


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Hi @taffythecat

This appears to be water residue on the battery… chances are this iPad was cracked for a while. You can replace the battery to be 100% sure the iPad will function but if there are no issues, it is not necessary.

Best of luck!

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