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Guides and repair information for VTech landline phones.

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Cannot hear answering system or callers leaving message

Hi everyone, we’ve got a Vtech model CS6929-4. There is only one way to set up the answering machine, with an on or off button which is fine. The problem is when we get calls we cannot hear the answering system turn on and speak nor can we hear the caller leaving a message, the phone remains silent during the whole process, we just get notification that there’s a new message on the system when its done. How can we hear messages live when their incoming? There seems to be one option, to press speaker on the phone while someone records. We used to be able to just hear everyone without a problem. Any help is appreciated.

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I have this problem too but discovered after scrolling through set up that I do not have an option for call screening.


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Hi @baronj ,

Here’s a link to the user manual for the phone.

Go to p.27 in the manual, to view the procedure to turn Call screening On, so that you can listen to incoming messages being recorded.

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The option to screen calls is not on all V-Tech phones.


Hi @pagemaker45

What is the model number of your Vtech phone?

The answer above was specific to a CS 6929-4 model as asked by the OP and was not meant for every Vtech phone model


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