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Self-priming automatic electric pumps with helical gears, produced by Marco.

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Problem with UP12/E 12v

I need your help because I have an UP12/E 12v on my sailing boat from 2 years ago.

Since 1 month ago I have this problem detailed in the manual:

“With solid or slowly flashing red LED, the motor has been short circuited, something may have blocked the gears or there could be a problem in the connection between the pump and circuit. The red LED flashes for 30 seconds, after which the pump is re-fed up to a maximum of 3 attempts. On the fourth attempt, the LED remains solid red, the pump is off and should be checked for possible permanent damage. To reset this warning you need to reboot the circuit or press the Reset button on the control panel, if present”.

When I reset de button on the control panel,goes OK, but the problems repeats some days each 1 or 2 hours and somedays only one or twice a day.

Wich is the final and efective solution for this problem?

I dont know what to do because beig continuosly reseting the control panel is not very comfortable..

Than you in advance.

Sebastián Lladó

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Hi Sebastián

It sounds like you are getting this red flashing LED warning because the system in your boat is detecting that your pump is drawing too much current. This error might occur because there is a fault in the detection system itself, or because there is a short-circuit in the boat wiring, or because the pump is dead.

I would advise checking the following:

  • Check for a short-circuit or low resistance in the wiring to the pump
  • Dissassemble the pump itself and check for water damage or other damage which may cause the fault. (The guides here and here may help)

It is very hard to diagnose an intermittent problem like this without actually seeing the system :)

Marco UP Series Electric Pump Afbeelding


MARCO UP Series Pump Disassembly



5 minutes

Marco UP Series Electric Pump Afbeelding


Marco UP Series Electric Pump Assembly



10 minutes

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