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Dell Latitude D630 is a thin and lightweight version of the Latitude line. With a 14.1 LCD screen and a 9 cell battery, this laptop is meant to be more mobile.

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How to scroll using the trackpad?

Hello everyone, I just purchased a Dell Latitude and I’ve been having some issues scrolling with the trackpad. Is it possible to two finger scroll on it. I know this laptop is from 2007 and might not have that ability, but I can’t seem to find any documentation on it. I’m also aware that it could possibly be a driver issue. Unfortunately I cannot install the driver because I am using Linux Mint and the driver requires Windows. So to recap I just want to know whether the two finger scroll is possible on this laptop and if it is and it’s not working should I get the trackpad replaced? It’s also been not responding, but it gets better as I install more updates, so I’m brushing it’s unresponsiveness as a software problem. Any input is appreciated. Thanks.

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yes, it is possible, I own one of these laptops too and it works

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Sorry, no two-finger gesture scrolling on the Dell d630. I know because I’m using one running Manjaro Linux and it just supports edge scrolling from the right or left if you're left-handed.

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That's because the trackpad doesn't support multiple gestures.


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