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Backlight Inverters: master/slave; should both be replaced?

Philips 47PFL7432D/37 suddenly started to flicker and go dark on one side only. Symptoms point to backlight inverter. TV has master and slave inverters; by location seem to be associated with sides of screen. As a rule (general or specific), should both inverter boards be replaced if it seems that only one is failing?

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Mike Pepper  my rule of thumb is that when one fails the other one is most likely right behind. Always do a visual check for any burned, charred or missing components. If you have one of those issues on either one of the inverters, replace only the one with the failure.

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Thanks very much, for both bits of advice.

No overt damage or missing parts, so onward to find the parts. Thanks again for your quick and to-the-point reply.


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