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HP’s 2-in-1 convertible laptop released in April 2015, identified by model number: 13-4003dx.

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Screen replacement ribbon too long, how to fix?

I just replaced the screen (digitiser and LCD) of my laptop. The screen and touch is working perfectly, but I haven't been able to glue it back down with adhesive, as the ribbon sticking out the bottom, that I plug into the board that controls the touch, is a bit too long, so when I put the screen into the casing, the bottom part sticks up and won't sit flush. Can I bend this ribbon to give it a kink so the screen lies flat? Or do you have any other tips/tricks?


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Look at the original screen and bend the cable in the exact same way. The original should have same sized cable but it’s usually bended in a way for it to fit in flush.

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