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Repair guides and disassembly information for Wileyfox smartphones.

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removing battery on swift 2 +

the tear down is on you tube, but the battery removal from the face is done by using thin sheets of plastic sprayed with a liquid which is not identified in the video, it looks like water but may not be something electrically non-conductive

does anyone have a clue to this liquid please ?. thank you. Ben Littlewood.

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@beng0plo looks like its needed to loosen the adhesive strips. This iFixit Adhesive Remover an some of those Plastic Cards should work perfect for this.

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Plastic Cards


iFixit Adhesive Remover Afbeelding


iFixit Adhesive Remover


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Many thanks for your help. I have ordered the kit, and will advise you how I get on thanks again. Ben.


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