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The Nimbus is a wireless game controller released in 2016. It is designed to be compatible with the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Apple TV, and the Mac.

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My right analog stick gets stuck when I move it right.

Every time I move my right analog stick to the right, it gets stuck. Can someone help?

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I would suggest you to open up to check if there are any debris stuck inside.

Unsticking SteelSeries Nimbus Triggers

you might need to apply a little wd-40 inside

else if it does not works well, you will need to find replacement from ebay / aliexpress for parts.

you need to desolder and solder on the new part.

Below are example of parts which i take from xbox, it can be a different manufacturer, suggest you to open and check.

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The AXIS has two clips on each side attached to the thumb sticks.

It has 3 pin for bi-direction. (left right or up down)

You can use a multimeter tip or small metal clip to bridge the 1 2 3 pins between one another and the signal

will do left right or up down.

I used a app on the device as I was trouble shooting to watch the stick movements and once I came across this

article and was able to get the correct part name, I was able to see how this axis part actually worked an gave it a shot.

Inside the axis is a aluminum discs with a plastic mold.

I had to reseat the disk using tweezer.

(This requires some slow movement as you remove it or reseat it as the metal is very thin)

This allowed the analog stick to zero/center itself and didn't keep it stuck to one direction again once you moved it.

I found a replacement part at DigiKey "THUMBSTICK DUAL AXIS" was the search term for a proper donor

part fix to replace the fault axis sensor as the SteelSeries Nimbus analog thumb is imbedded to the rocker and

not screw affixed so it wasn’t changeable.

I'm not sure how long the temp fix is gonna last.. (going on two days now).

So best to replace the axis sensor at some point without having to mess with thin disk as a backup plan.

But this worked for me while the part to come via snail mail.

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