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The Galaxy A9 (2018) offers four, count 'em, four rear-facing cameras. Zow. Model number: A920F/DS.

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Why does my screen not wake up when I get a call?

When I get a call my screen does not go so I cannot see who is calling or answer the call.

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Try the following:

Make an incoming call to the phone.

When the phone is ringing swipe down on where the notification bar would be if the display were on, to view the call.

Swipe the call to the right and click the settings wheel.

Select do not hide notifications

Make another test call after doing this with the screen off and check if it now works.

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Your settings will most likely not have that on. On my old A3 I had to turn that on in settings first. You should try that. This is all I have, sorry if it doesn't fix

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