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7.9 inch display / Model A1432 / Available in black or white / Announced October 23rd, 2012 / 16, 32, or 64 GB capacity

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Why am I getting this "screen tearing" effect?

This started one day a year or two ago. It wasn’t so bad at first, but now it’s almost unusable. Can I fix this by replacing the screen?

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This could be caused by ghost touching. This happens when lower quality digitizers are installed. These were a real problem several years ago although now it’s much easier to find good quality mini digitizers.

You can do this yourself by following this guide to disassemble your iPad and looking at this answer (After doing my repairs (battery and screen) I have problems) for some best practices on digitizer installation.

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I've never had my digitizer replaced; I bought this iPad new in 2013-14 and it has had no maintenance since then. In addition, I'm not experiencing any ghost touches.

Still, I'll try taking a look at the digitiser in case it's damaged.


Even though you have an original digitizer, it's still possible that this is the cause of the problem. Your iPad is now 6 years old and still went through some wear and tear. The digitizer takes the brunt of this wear regardless.

At any rate, whatever repair option you consider, the digitizer will have to come off. Then it's just a question of trying a replacement one to see if it solves the problem.


@refectio Thanks. I've ordered a teardown kit and a new digitizer - let's see how this goes.


Good luck!

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