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Bubbelbaden, ook gekend als spas of onder de merknaam Jacuzzi, zijn baden met warm water, waar vaak luchtbellen in gevormd worden die een masseren effect teweeg brengen.

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Brand new hot tub will not work

I have a brand new 2019 Catalina Burkeshire six person spa. All the electric has been hooked up correctly with GFI and other required parts. When the breaker is turned on the LED lights come on and the stereo comes on but the pumps will not engage. What is the problem or what can we try to correct this ?

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Hey Jeri.

Did you make sure the T Stems on the "Slice Valves" were locked in the open position before and/or at the time the electrical power to the unit was first turned on? If one of these valves was closed at that time there may have been immediate damage to the spa.


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The troubleshooting guide for your spa lists these steps to take if pumps are not working: Air lock - check that pumps are bled of any air.

Pump cycle has ended - press button to turn pumps on.

Slice valves closed - open slice valves.

Check power - check connection in spa control box.

Update (07/21/2019)

Here is a link to the owner's manual:

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