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Water building up inside the machine

Hey all,

I have an older wall mounted Amana air conditioner (MODEL NUMBER: AAC121SRA) as my primary air conditioner up at my summer home and i’ve been running it quite a bit recently due to the hot & humid weather (more than I typically have to run it). I went out to the back of my house where the air conditioner is tonight and I noticed an awful stench coming from the air conditioner that I had not noticed before. Upon further investigation I noticed that there was about half of an inch of standing water inside the air conditioner. I looked for (and found) the drainage hole that was supposed to drain all this standing water, and nothing was blocking the hole.

The drainage hole I found was on the bottom right corner on the front of the machine (facing it when you are outside). Is there another drainage hole that I missed that could be clogged? Or is this normal for there to be some water inside the machine?

Thanks in advance. I can provide pictures of the air conditioner at hand if needed. One thing I cannot do is take the air conditioner off of its mount.

Block Image

Side view of the air conditioner ^

Block Image

  • Front view (outside) of the air conditioner
    • Orange circle = drainage hole
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Hi @tronke ,

The user manual only mentions the one drain plug so this is where the water (condensate) should flow out from, usually into a condensate drain pipe which is connected to where the hole is if you have high humidity problems.

You stated that there was standing water but does the water actually flow out?

The installation diagram for the unit show that it should have a half bubble slope from the front to the back of the unit to allow the water to drain out. This is for a window installation but I assume it should be the same for a wall mount.

It also mentions on p.16


Mold, mildew, or algae formation on wet surfaces To reduce growth use algacide tablet in the unit base pan or remove drain plug or add a condensate drain. Have your unit thoroughly cleaned

Update (07/20/2019)

Hi @tronke ,

Has the unit got a spirit level "half bubble slope" from front to back as described in the manual I linked to ensure adequate condensate drainage?

From your pictures it doesn’t seem like it.

Block Image

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Hey @jayeff ,

Thanks for the quick response. One thing that I said wrong was the term "wall-mounted", the term I was looking for was "window mounted". Sorry if that screwed you up at all!

I have attached pictures of the air conditioner and the location of the drainage hole. The air conditioner does drain, but very very slowly. It's a very slow trickle at best. I did my best to clear the drainage hole and pathway from any debris but it's still a trickle at best.

Thanks again.


Hey @jayeff ,

Good question. I do not have a level with me to determine if I have a "half bubble slope", but I am pretty certain that I do not have a "half bubble slope". I'm going have a handyman come out in a few days to complete a few other tasks and I'll have them look into this matter. I do think you have the right idea here, though!

Many thanks for your assistance.


@tronke If you have an iPhone or any other smartphone with a Gyroscope in it, there you have your level ;)


@arbaman I tried using the "Measure" app for iDevices and the level feature inside it but was just confused using it. Jayeff mentioned a "half bubble slope" and I'm not really able to determine that using that particular app. I'm still going to wait for my handyman to determine this, they're going to be out here anyways, but good thinking!


Hi @tronke ,

Don't know if something like this would be of interest (or even if it works!)

A quick search showed that there are other similar apps available. I just picked this one as an example if you get impatient to know ;-)



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Window AC units typically have standing water in the outdoor half to improve the energy efficiency of the unit. The outdoor fan has a “slinger ring" on it that picks up the standing water and wets the outdoor radiator. This lowers the temperature of the outdoor radiator through “wet bulb" evaporation, and the hotter it gets outdoors the more it helps.

The easiest way to get rid of the moldy funky odor is to keep the unit sanitized. Clean the air filter and use a bathroom sanitizer type of cleaner on the indoor radiator. There are two main types of cleaner sanitizers: oxidizing agents (chlorine bleach, oxy peroxide, toilet bowl cleaner acid) and alkaline agents (ammonia, scrubbing bubbles, windex). Pick one and use it on the indoor side while the unit is shut off. Let the agent penetrate and do it's job for a bit. Spray some rinse water and let that follow the cleaner outdoors. Put the unit back to work and the outdoor side will usually take care of itself.

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