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A portable printer produced by Canon in 2001, featuring a built in preview screen with Bluetooth and USB connectivity.

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Why is my canon oning then offs

My printer on then off straight up after oning

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either because it failed it’s POST or because it has a power supply issue. Let us know what you have checked. start with removing all accessories, print cartridges, memory cards and anything removable from the printer and then unplug it from the wall. then after a few minutes plug it back in but do not install anything. See if it comes up. If so we know it is your accessories. It will say out of ink if it does come up but that is okay. If it does not we will know that the problem is internal and you would have to think about disassembly and checking the boards.

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We had one in our workshop for a fast preview at , when customers had pictures on usb drives or mobile phones. After 1 year we had same issue - after the service repair they told us, that the reason was a malfunction of a faulty USB port.

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