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The Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 smartphone was released by Xiaomi in March 2016. It includes a non-removable 4050 mAh battery and supports up to 256 GB of removable storage.

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headphone icon stuck in notification bar

headphone icon stuck on notification bar how to fix

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Do you still get audio OK from phone when using headphones?

If so it may be that an internal contact in the headphone socket is stuck in the operated position. This contact is used to tell the audio controller in the phone to switch the audio away from the phone’s speakers and onto the headphones.

Try inserting the headphones and very gently, stress very gently, wiggle the headphone plug from side to side, up and down and also insert and remove the headphones plug a few times to see if this action will release the contact.

Hopefully it will and the audio icon will be gone when the headphones are unplugged from the socket and the audio is back on the phone’s speakers.

If not then the phone will have to be opened and the socket replaced as it cannot be repaired.

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Several Xiaomi and Redmi users have been grumbling about their smartphones getting stuck in headphone mode, meaning that a headphone symbol always appears on the notification bar of the phone screen.

The headphone problem with Redmi smartphones getting stuck in a headphone mode is not restricted to a particular model or series of Redmi phones. Still, it occurs across both series from the company, including Xiaomi and Mi phones.

However, it is not a big issue, and not every Redmi user will face this problem on their mobile phones. So, let’s check out a few simple tips and tricks you can try at home to fix the headphone mode issue on your Redmi devices.

How To Remove Headphone Symbol in Redmi Smartphones

Following are some ways to fix the headphone symbol in Redmi and Xiaomi smartphones and tablets.

  1. Clean the headphone jack port.
  2. Plug and pull your headphone jack into your smartphone.
  3. Tweaking your phone settings.
  4. Restart/Reboot your device
  5. Reset your device

Source: Gizmo Valley, Gadgets Beat

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Just go and solve this problem and thanks me later

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