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Kohler makes the gas powered engines for many different riding mowers & garden tractors both for home owners and professionals.

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Why is my mower not wanting to engage the blades right?

2013 cub cadet 1050. When I engage the mower deck it wants to sputter to a stop. If I mess with the throttle a little it will come on and mow perfectly. Sometimes it just does its little sputtering fit and will engage. New belt, spindles, blades, and fuel filter.

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@stevenstickley make sure that you replace/clean the air filter and the spark plugs. A plugged air filter or faulty plugs can cause the engine to run rich. after you check on that I would recommend checking the choke/carburetor. If the mower still bogs down after that, the problems is most likely a carburetor. A good cleaning of the jets and float (needle valve) and setting the choke should work.

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It runs perfect when the decks off and after the mower finally engages, that's what threw me off a little


It sounds like it is choking when you put a load on the engine which is commonly caused by a carb that is running to rich.


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