Display Wont turn on after reboot

When i’m done using my iMac I shut it off and when I come back to it the next day to turn it on it makes the chime I here the fans spinning but the display is blank. I try plugging it into an external monitor it says no signal. I turn it off unplug it wait 10 sec plug it same thing happens so I just keep hitting the power button and waiting for the chime over and over and finally the display pops up. (it does this about every time) Help please!

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What happens when your restart your system in Target Disk Mode? Press and hold the T key when you restart your system.

Reference: Mac startup key combinations


Are you getting a black or white screen?


Im getting a black screen as in the screen is not even on @mayer


I asked the company I bought it from they think its either a power supply problem or a problem with the screen


@danj I will try it next time it messes up


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