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Yard Machine - electric grass trimmer- model MTD308P-REV

How do you wind the plastic cutting cord onto the spool of the feed mechanism? There is a spool, with 2 tracks. Each track has a hole for each track’s cord to go out of. When It breaks, you tap it to have a new length feed out, but it is sticking inside the spool.

How should we load the spool to trigger this mechanism?

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Here is a repair guide for your trimmer.

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Thanks for sharing the guide. It saves me a lot of time. By the way, which rechargeable electric string trimmers can you recommend to me? I found quite a lot of great options on and I've even chosen a few already. However, I would be interested in what string trimmers you use. Perhaps you will suggest something new to me. On the Internet, I found quite contradictory reviews about the string trimmers that I chose. I don't have any extra money right now and it will be sad if I bought an unsuitable string trimmer.

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