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HP’s 2-in-1 convertible laptop released in April 2015, identified by model number: 13-4003dx.

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My laptop had gasoline poured on it

So yesterday my laptop had gas poured on it, i immediately cleaned it and turned it off. Its now working ok, no issues except for the screen which is blotchy and looks like it has bubble wrap on it. Am i OK to charge it and what is the best way to fix this, if at all?

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ilikespongebob_50  you want to let it air out a bit longer. You don’t need anything sparking in there just yet.Or you can disassemble it and clean it with some isopropyl alcohol. Your screen is most likely not going to recover since the gasoline will stain and warp your diffuser sheets. Screen replacement is not to expensive nor to hard to do.

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