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Model A1059 or A1099 / 20, 40, or 60 GB hard drive / touch sensitive click wheel

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problem opening case, top to side gap


I've read the guide several times on opening the case, and I can get the larger tool into the top and slide it from side to side, but when I get to the edge/corner to get the gap on the side, the tool either slides out or there is no gap open on the side. Any other ideas?

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I use a small flat tip screw driver and insert it just past the head phone jack. The back is not as fragile and does support a small amount of leverage. Place a piece of scotch tape or electric tape on the front and the back half of where you insert the small screwdriver to prevent scratching it. It is a bit of a bear to open. Good Luck

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Using quite a bit of force I've been able to transition from the top/bottom to one of the sides without removing the tool, just be forcing it around the corner of the device. It will mangle the tool, but they're meant to be disposable.

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