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The second generation of the Renault Clio automobile. It was launched in 1998.

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Clio 1.2 Engine crackling sound

Hello guys! I bought a 2001 clio 1.2 16v last week, and since then i've been noticing 3 problems. I need to change a cv axle, and the valve cover gasket that is leaking to the heatshield burning oil, And there's the weird noise. It's like a crackling sound, it comes from the left side of the engine and its getting worse (when i got it, it started at about 1,5k rpm the noise, and noise at 1k) and im afraid that it's just not a annoying sound, but something serious. Here's the videos of the sound:

Any help would be apprecitated!


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Hello, yes! the noise increase with the rpms. I always thought that might be a idler bearing but i don't know how to check. Can you advise?


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@jonnhylemon 2nd video almost sounds like a bad bearing. Have you checked the idler pulley for your belts and /or if the noise comes from your AC compressor/clutch? Does the noise increase with increased RPM's?

Update (05/19/2019)

The idler pulley etc. will depend on what accessories your Clio has. Take a look at the belt diagram and see which one is for your engine. Looks like we can eliminate the 1st one. T+ is the idler/tensioner pulley.

Block Image

Update (05/19/2019)

from what i can see on the video this image would be for your model. see the tensioner at the end of the arrow

Block Image

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That's very very helpful! How can i check if its the tensioner? I need to remove the belt right?


@jonnhylemon yes that would be the way to go. With the belt off you could spin the pulley and see if it makes a noise. sometimes you can also feel axial paly in the pulley as you move it. If so you know it needs to be replaced. You cal also try something a little less scientific. With the engine off spray some wd4o or equivalent right on the idler pulley than start you engoine and listen. If it changes the noise you have it pretty much narrowed down. Also, do the same with the AC and power steering pump etc. (one after the other) it'll help to narrow it down. I always worry about using a stethoscope on a transverse mounted engine since there never seems to be enough room to get to while the engine is running.


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