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Hyundai launched a redesign of the Santa Fe on February 14, 2012, and went on sale in June 2012 as a 2013 model.

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Radio Frequencies: even versus odd

Is there a way to tune the even radio frequencies? My Santa Fe only gets the odd ones: 101.1 and 101.3 but not 101.2. I have walked through all the display and set up options. Nothing changes the ability to adjust what frequencies are tuned.

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All FM stations end in an odd number in the US.

FM radio stations all transmit in a band between 88 mHZ and 108 mHz.

This band of frequencies is completely arbitrary and is based mostly on history and whim.

Inside that band each station occupies a 200 kilohertz slice and all the slices start on an odd number.

In Europe FM radio stations are spaced 100 kHz apart and can end on an even or odd number.

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I understand how it works. It my Santa Fe is set to pick up odd frequencies. Is there a way to pick up the even ones? I have my car in Europe and the AFN radio is on an even frequency.


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You can install a converter to recieve European FM stations.

ebay has them or maybe you can get it locally.

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