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Released April 2014, the Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark II is a point and shoot camera that offers professional level controls.

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When opening the LCD screen, the LCD sceen goes black.

When rotating, opening the LCD screen away from the camera, the LCD screen goes off. I have to shut off the camera and fold the screen back in the get back the image on the LCD screen.

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Hi Witte Kat,

You could first update the firmware/software if available.

Perhaps a loose/bad cable which is causing this ?

If it’s not working after updating the firmware/software, or if it’s not available. You could open the camera to check if there is any bad connection or cable inside.

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I doubt if updating the firmware will make any difference. The camera broke more or less down just in the middle of taking a photo . I can only use the camera with the screen shut. You are probably right that some cable has come loose. Realy very bad for a for me costly camera. Thank you for your answer.


Hi Witte Kat,

Sorry to hear that. Is it possible to open up the camera to check for any bad connections inside ?


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