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Torx screwdriver: Is TT10 the same as TR10?

I need a Torx TR10 screwdriver, but I have something call a TT10x7 by Stanley. Are these the same thing? It appears to be the same shape complete with hole in the middle (I’ve attached some screenshots) but wanted to check first. I also have a TT25x100, would this be the same thing as a Torx TR25?

Block Image

Block Image

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@sironfoot TT stands for Tamper Torx (seems to be a Stanley thing) and will have a hole in the center to remove tamper resistant screws ;-). TR stands for Tamper-Resistant Torx and is principally the same things but uses a wider definition. Both would work.

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I saw T5H, T6H. Is this is the same as TR and TT?

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