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Repair guides and support for the 3rd generation BMW M3, a high-performance sports coupe derived from the BMW 3-series (E46) platform.

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Why is my car shaking when idle?

My car or rather the engine is vibrating in short consecutive bursts when stopped. The car runs pretty smoothly when moving but sometimes when i press on the gas there is like a delay or no response and i gotta press harder for the car to go faster. What could this be? Please let me know all possible causes and fixes.

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Oo Zai  there are way to many reasons as in why this could be happening. Give us your vehicle’s exact year and engine size. Ultimately, this could be anything from fuels delivery to ignition to timing to computer issues. Best approach would be to have it scanned and see what codes your OBD throws. At least it gets you into the ballpark.

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There are several metal w/rubber engine mounts that keep the motor in place and soak up vibration. One of these could be broken and allowing excessive movement. Grab a torch and have a look at each one.

If you need to unbolt and inspect each one place a jack under the engine to support it while you work.

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