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Windows Vista was the successor of Windows XP with many changes on the backend.

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How can I get my lap top out of a Vista repair/ restart loop

My Aspire 6530G lap top is stuck in a repair loop in Vista. Does anyone have a fix to get out of the loop?

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You more than likely have a bad piece of ram or another bad component, try using heirens boot disk

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A cycle of continuous restarts may be a sign of a driver problem that Windows Vista cannot circumvent. Luckily, there is something you can try:

  1. Press the F8 key during startup to boot to your Advanced Boot Options screen. (You may have to press F8 over and over again very rapidly until you reach this screen.)
  2. Select the Last Known Good Configuration (advanced) option.
  3. Hit Enter.

This will make Windows Vista restore itself to the state it was in before the problem began. The system should boot normally from then on.

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