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Released November 4, 2017. Model A1865, A1901. Available as GSM or CDMA / 64 or 256 GB / Silver or Space Gray. (Pronounced the same as "iPhone 10.")

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iPhone X Ear-Speaker issue not going away

The issue with my iPhone X ear speaker is  when i’m  on a call the callers voice is very distorted and you cannot understand them as the sound isn’t clear. I have soldered a new speaker piece but made no difference. I also put a whole new flex from a working iPhone X but that also made no difference.

Has anyone else experienced this or know the solution to this? Can the connector on the board be damaged or could this be a software issue?

Thank you

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Hey Rc Noobs,

I have not had this issue myself, but I do work at a phone repair shop and we had a customer with the same issue. We replaced the earpiece speaker, the camera/prox/speaker flex, and tried both at the same time. We also cleaned out the speaker and everything to no avail on our side. Seems to be rare, but seeing someone else with the issue personally leads me to believe this could be an issue with the phones logic board. Possibly common enough for posts like this, but not common enough for Apple to make known to the public.

Best of luck!


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Do you know if they found a solution/fix for it?


I do not think so. If anything, it would've been a software issue seeing how a hardware fix did nothing.


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