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Released June 2012 / Core i7 processor with Turbo Boost / Up to 1 GB DDR5 Video RAM

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New iFixit battery, installed ok but drops charge extremely fast..

Hi All,

Just installed a new iFixit battery into my Mid-2012 15” Unibody MBP.

Also replaced the DC in board and a new Apple 85W MagSafe charger.

The battery is recognised and seems to work fine. However, when running on battery power the battery percentage drops down to around 50% after an hour or so and then all of a sudden it will drop from 50% down to 7% instantly. The computer will run for maybe an hour at 7% then will drop down and eventually shut down at 0%.

I made sure to follow the calibration instructions to the tee, charging to 100% running it on the charger for a few hours then unplugging the charger and draining the battery until the computer shutdown. I then left it overnight with a flat battery and recharged it to 100% the following morning.

I have reset the SMC, reset PRAM. I am also using a new 85W MagSafe adaptor.

Could the battery be faulty? 

Thanks in advance,


Update (04/15/2019)

Thanks for the replies guys, I do get about 3 hours of use from the new battery, It seems to go OK from 100% to around 50% but it just drops from around 50% to 7% within a minute or two, then sits at 7% for about half an hour then I maybe get another half hour of battery life before the computer turns off.

It has taken over 6 hours to charge it up today, much slower than yesterday (full charge in around 3 hours)..

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Just a quick update, iFixit are sending out a replacement battery for me. Sounds as though there is a fault with the current battery.

I have been extremely happy with their support and service.

Hope the replacement battery solves this issue.

Will keep you posted.


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sounds like you might have a faulty battery.

Best app you can use to get a reading of the battery health is ‘Coconut Battery’

get a screen grab of the test screen on that app, then email them direct.

I’ve seen quite a few replacement (non-apple) batteries have issues like this, and it is nearly always a fault with the battery.

In some cases, the battery shows a full charge capacity of over 60,000 (which is physically impossible), and it powers off after a few minutes on without mains plugged in.

OWC batteries have this issue from what i’ve seen, as we sell a lot of them.

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@thebookyard - Jon, this is a QC issue at the battery factory. There seems to be a rash of bad batteries from many different sellers. Another case of Apple not offering parts directly.


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