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Third generation of the Ford Focus

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reverse lights staying on!

I have Ford Focus 1.6 diesel manual 2012 Why are my reverse lights staying on even when not in reverse

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Ferhad Almohammad  sounds like a bad reverse light switch. It is mounted on the transmission. Here is a video different year but same idea but it’ll give you an idea. Here is a write up:

1. Jack up car, use jack stands to hold it up, then place the jack under the transmission to hold it for later. Now remove the battery.

2. Remove plastic that battery sits in there are 3 bolts. (sorry forgot to take a picture)

3. Remove Transmission mount. Make sure you put a jack or a jack stand under the transmission as a safety precaution because you do need to remove the transmission mount.

4. After you have finished removing all of those bolts. Pull the plastic clips that are holding in a variety of wires onto this metal mount. Then pull the metal out of the way. You should be able to see the switch.

5.To remove the switch you will need to 1 or 2 things. a 22mm deep socket or you are going to have to remove the piece that is mounted on the transmission it has 3 bolts on it listed below. ( i suggest you get some liquid wrench or something to help ya with these bolts.)

6. Finish removing the old switch and swap out the old one and plug in all back together. From here

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