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Repair guides for the CTK-501 Standard Keyboard made by Casio International in 1997.

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Is my Casio Keboard broken? or just the DC Power Supply?

So my Casio CT-600 Keyboard runs a DC 9V Powersupply. My friend accidentally connected it to a 220V Outlet (My keyboard needs only a 110V btw, so it has its own transformer.) After that the Keyboard didn’t work. I was planning to buy a replacement for my DC Power Supply, but before I do, I really need to know what’s broken. Can anyone please answer, I would really appriciate it. Thank you!

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I did the same but not only 110v adapter burnt but also the keyboard doesn't work after that. It turns on. LCD display comes on but no sound. Also can't turn it off. Have to pull out the jack from behind the keyboard. On/off switch on keyboard just turns it on. Not off.


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Hi XenoSov

to clarify … your friend plug the 110V range adapter into 230V outlet and power it on ?

if so ….most prob the adapter has been blown, but i guess the keyboard should be fine.

well, either to purchase a replacement power supply adapter, from casio, which i recommend.

else, if you want to try…. you can open up the defective adapter and try repairing it.

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i just bought a new casio plug and my casio keyboard still won’t work without batteries


So how do I open it to repair the connection to the adaptor?


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