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Fridge Freezer turns itself off and behaves strangely. Lamona HJA6856

2 days ago i noticed that my fridge freezer was kinda “pulsing”. I don’t know if it was the compressor or the fan, but it sounded more like the fan. It would spin up and wind down, over and over again every few seconds.

Last night, I found that the fridge was room temperature inside, and the freezer was actually pretty warm. Especially the top drawer. I never really had time to do more than switch it off, and cook all the meat, because it was late. Today, I freed it from it’s cabinet - it’s built into all the woodwork - and looked it over. Nothing was caked in dust, or blocked, the fan spun freely, so I turned it on, and it came to life immediately, and seemed to be working fine. I checked the temperature by sticking my hand in the freezer every 30 mins or so, and it was getting colder. But then it stopped at some point during the day. It’s dead silent again, and pretty much at room temperature again. Bad thermostat maybe? I dunno if that explains it being hot in the freezer last night, unless it has a defrost heater that was tricked into turning on? But none of that explains the fairly rapid pulsing from the night before THAT.

I kinda have to go the repair route, cus, unless they still make that exact model, I dunno if I’m likely to find one to fit the same space

Update (04/02/2019)

It’s a Lamona HJA6856. I don’t know if it was just the fan pulsing. And when I turned it on again the next day, it ran for hours, but stopped working somewhere between checks, so I don’t know if it happened then. I figured there might be a chance it stopped because the cover over the radiator-looking thing in the freezer was off. That might have made some sense, I guess, if the original problem had been caused by a bag of food blocking the fan or something.

So I turned it on again yesterday. It ran for hours and held at -18c. Both the fan and the compressor were running, but at some point in the night, it stopped again. This morning it was warm inside again. Over 10c above ambient temperature.

I don't know if the compressor and fan are even turning off when they should. They've not shut off when I've been present

The fan was still running whenever I opened the door to check the temperature. I don’t think it ever stopped before. I don’t see any kind of sensor on the freezer door, only the fridge

Sorry to post this as an answer, but comments weren’t working for some reason. I accidentally posted it as a comment on my own post, then deleted it and tried to re-post it on the reply, so I guess it was the spam filter

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Update, I turned it on again this after noon and this time, while I was in the room, about 5 minutes later, I heard the relay click and the compressor shut off. Then I heard the pulsing again, and it was definitely the fan. I opened the freezer to check. I don't think opening the freezer door ever made the fan stop in this freezer. As I said, there's no sensor or switch on the door. I've turned it off again now.


Update: The evaporator coil is completely covered with a thin film of frost, and seems to be fine. The condenser coils are warm. The problem seems to be that it gets to a defrost cycle and gets stuck in it, which explains the high temperature. I dunno if it's a timer or a thermostat that's failed, or a relay. Maybe a relay?


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Hi @xgabrielx

Speaking of model, what is the make and model number of the fridge?

Most fridges are stopped at least once every 8-12 hours (depending on manufacturer) for about 20-30 minutes. This is the auto defrost cycle in action.

You may have to determine if the "pulsing" was the evaporator fan or the compressor or both. The evap fan should be operating as long as the compressor is running except if you open a door. Then the fan should stop while the compressor keeps going. You don't want to blow all the cold air out of the fridge with the door open. The fan should start again with the door closed.

If it was the compressor that was pulsing on and off it might be the start relay or run capacitors (again check make and model) that might be the problem.

It may also be that the defrost timer (if it has one - it may be the control board that controls the auto defrost - depends on the make and model) could be faulty.

Sorry to be so vague but more diagnosis may have to be done to narrow down what is happening when the problem occurs:

Is it running in normal mode and this suddenly occurs for no apparent reason?

Has the auto defrost mode finished and the compressor cannot start properly again?

Has the set temp been reached and the compressor/evap fan have been turned off and then when the temp rises does the compressor start again OK or not?

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Is there a thermostat switch in the fridge that you can turn the fridge off with?

If so can you turn off the fridge this way and then check if you turn it back on again whether it starts and runs OK?

Looking through the parts list for your model it shows a thermostat knob as a part but not the thermostat although there is a pcb that looks like it may be a thermostat as the thermostat knob has a spline on it which looks like it might fit into the pcb. This may just be the temperature control and not the auto defrost control

It appears as though the Control Assembly pcb may control the auto defrost along with everything else.

You could try contacting the supplier in the link to check if they can help with any info regarding what controls the auto defrost if this is the only mode in which it fails to restart correctly.

If it doesn't start correctly in any mode from off i.e. starts and then pulses if you turn off the power and turn it on again there is a PTC start relay in the parts list which may be worth asking about as well.


Doesn't matter now. I just replaced he main board, and it's fine now


Fridge freezer lights up working allday then gone off has done this twice now freezer doesnt seem very cold although set it at super cool its an indesit


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