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Repair guides and support for the 3rd generation BMW M3, a high-performance sports coupe derived from the BMW 3-series (E46) platform.

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Cannot start my car

Hi Guys, when I try to start my e90 m3, i can't start the car. I am getting DSC failure and FTM error. I can hear the engine cranking and trying to start but it stopped after that. 

I have called up several friends and they told me that battery could be weak. I have tried to jump start using another car battery but same error. 

Any advice? Should I just try to change the battery? 

Are the errors normal for a weak battery?

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Ja Batterie gibt sobald sie zu schwach ist Alle Fehler an den Bordcomputer weiter die Fehler müssen gelöscht werden und die Batterie neu anlernen ( Die App Carly) mit dem Orginal Calry OBD 2 Stecker hilft dir alle Fehler zu finden und viel Geld zu sparen und immer zu wissen was dein Auto gerade braucht ;) Nice Day


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From what I have found a low battery can cause things like DSC. Have the battery tested, most auto parts stores (at least in the usa) do this for free.

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