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The Asus Zenbook was manufactured by AsusTek Computer Inc and released in 2015. It has a matt anti-glare finish with a 13.3" touchscreen. The model number is UX303U.

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Wireless adapter on Asus Laptop is not working! PLEASE HELP

So, my laptop’s network adapter for wufi is not working. I’ve tried EVERYTHING and it still doesn’t allow me to connect to the internet. The “button” to enable the adapter is grey, I can’t clik it. I’ll put some photos, I have an Asus UX 330. I am DESPERATE for help! I need to submit an app for grad school by tomorrow :(

Block Image

Block Image

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Hi @

Check in BIOS (press F2 after laptop started but before it boots into Windows) to see whether the WLAN adapter has been disabled or not.

Here’s an image that shows where the setting is

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge for better viewing)

If it is shown as lock, then unlock it, save the changes and exit from BIOS. After the laptop has restarted check if it is now OK.

If it is shown as unlock, try uninstalling the WLAN adapter in Device Manager (right click on entry> Uninstall) then restart the laptop and check if Windows has detected the WLAN adapter and installed it

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