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Repair guides and troubleshooting for the EasyNote TJ65-CU-030GE, a 15.6" budget laptop by Packard Bell.

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No powering on, not even a light

EasyNote Te

Have tested the power cable (friends) so not the cable’power.

Have taken the battery out, held switch down for 20 sec’s then plugged in the cable, still no joy, not even a light.

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it may be a software or internal computor issue try go getting it repaired by a person licened to do so to avoid damaging your pc any further


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This is internal damage, The Display Cable might be loose or damaged, you will probabally need a professional to remove the screen. Its easy to put the cable in but it is also very easy to destroy the cable.

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Yes i did so,but still is not powering or showing any light

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