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The Nintendo Switch is a handheld game console that can be played on the TV via a docking station, or on the go. Released March 3rd, 2017.

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wont charge need more info

i have a nintendo switch at my store that isnt charging. i think its a bad resistor because im reading OL and no power is getting past. can someone tell me the proper value for the resistor right next to the number 6 in pic?

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Have you changed the charging port as that would be more like the problem

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problem isnt the charge port. i looked at the inside of the port under a microscope and it looks brand new no bent pins. also i touched up the solder joints on the port to make sure there was no cracks. 5volts is getting to the resistor but 0 on the other side. and it should drop it down to 3.2volt. like i said the resistor is OL and no power is passing. so i know the problem is that component, i just cant find any service literature to find the proper resistance.


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