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The 1992 Reissue of the original '65 Twin Reverb. Different from the older model, the reissue is built with a printed circuit board and 1/4 inch footswitch phone jacks. This model features blackface cosmetics and 12'' Jensen speakers.

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Dead Channel on Fender Twin

Fender Twin Reverb (re-issue) clean (or normal) channel not working. All tubes have been replaced - to no avail….what do I check or need to repair/replace?

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If I recall correctly, both inputs feed op amp circuits (4558 ICs I think). I would check those first. I have seen these fail relatively commonly. This will involve removing the unit from the cabinet. Follow the circuit from the input jack to locate the IC. It should be an 8-pin IC with the number 4558 on it.

Update this with any progress you make.


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I have the same problem, except the model I am working on does not have those op-amp circuits. According to my circuit diagram and the circuit board both jacks go into the V1 which is the 12AX7. I have replaced all caps, including filter caps and filter cap resistors which were O/C. Complete new set of tubes, still no go. What else can I do?

Thanks for any feedback.


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