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Announced in August 2017, the Galaxy Note8 is the successor to the recalled Galaxy Note7. The Note8 was made available to the public for purchase in September of 2017.

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Note 8 Mother board change

I have a Note 8 (N950N) SK Telcom (Korea) with motherboard damage. Can I change out the logic board with a Note 8 (N950F) Telcel (Mexico)?

Will it will fit? Is it compatible?

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Do be careful! Different countries need different radios to connect to the cellular network they have in Mexico.

I think its just safer to get a second phone while you’re in Mexico and then when you get back to Korea get the Korean logic board serviced or replaced.

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How do you service the logic board?


@ahmad59 - Ideally you need to get a new board with the correct radios for your country like Rael, frankly I would just cheaper getting a local phone while you are in Mexico or what ever country. Many newer phones offer better radios which offer service in more countries and you only need to swap out the SIM to enable it.


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