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Fisher price karaoke sing along colour changing lights

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Fisher price karaoke sing along doesn’t work

Bought fisher price karaoke sing along changing lights, it’s supposed to have radio. Song demos and kids can sing with the mic, but sadly the only thing that works on the toy is the flashing lights…. I’ve checked YouTube and no answers there, google had some people complaining but no solid answers on how to fix it…. anyone know how I can fix it ? I don’t want my money to be just garbaged

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If you just bought it, take it back and get a replacement or a refund.

Contact Fisher-Price in your location as to what to do or check the warranty statement that hopefully came with the product

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I just emailed the company, I got it at shoppers at Christmas time and it didn’t work so I was seeing if anyone else had the same problems and maybe I could just fix it myself lol but I emailed them and waiting on a reply. Thank you for your help


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