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Samsung's flagship phone-with-stylus and the successor to the Note8, released August 2018. Features a 6.4" display and up to 512 GB of onboard storage.

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Touch screen recognizing finger only s pen on note 9

I was replacing a screen on a note 9 and when I switched the motherboard and other components to the new screen and powered it on the phone would not recognize me touching it with my finger so I tried the s pen and it worked fine so then I switched everything back to the old screen thinking that it was just a defective part and it still wasn't working. I tried cleaning off the connectors for the screen and resetting the phone and neither worked. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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I thought so too but I put all the components back onto the original screen and the touchscreen didn't work on there anymore and I also tried different screen and didn't work on there either


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probably just a faulty screen

S pen is a completely different part of the display to the digitizer, it’s the large rectangle flex near the lcd connector.

unless you buy the screen from samsung or from a new phone they are all refurbished, so probably just a dud screen

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Did you ever get this fix? I'm having the same

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Also, would something like that be under warranty?


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