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Guides and repair information for Braven speakers.

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Braven 405 stopped taking a charge

How do I get my 405 to charge I only have had it 3 weeks?

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I returned my 3 wk old braven 405 because it quit charging. At 3 wks old the replacement stopped charging. Why at 3 wks and are they all faulty?


Hi @ dukes.j128,

Don't know the answer but being cynical was the replacement a refurbished unit by any chance?

it may be that they are being shipped out again after being returned without being properly repaired.

Contact Braven and voice your concerns to them about the problem and ask for a refund.


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Hi @malone2 ,

If you have you tried a different compatible charger, a different compatible charger cable or connecting the speaker to a computer’s USB port and it still indicates that it is not charging, then it is faulty.

There may be a 30 day refund - no questions asked provision (depending on place of purchase) as well as the 12 month manufacturer’s warranty on the speaker.

Choose which one is applicable and suits you best as both are still within the time frame since purchase and contact the manufacturer’s customer service centre regarding the problem with your speaker.

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It has to do with what jack your are usi nag to plug the USB into. I was going through this as of today and I used a different jack and it gave out more juice so it charged. Don’t throw it away or give up on it. What I mean by jack is the plug that goes into the wall that the usb cord goes into. You have to see what it gives to your device. I was using a .85 and am now using a .3 and it’s charging fully.

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