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A 65" rear projection TV by Mitsubishi.

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I am still experiencing the green blinking light issue.

No Luck! I replaced the 7 capacitors on the DM module board with 680uf 35v caps but I am still experiencing the green blinking light issue. Sometimes I can get the TV to stay on (great picture) but mostly the set shuts down after a few minutes with a bit of a thud sound. Sometimes the green light will continue to blink for hours, other times just for a few minutes.

Any ideas where to go from here?

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This model is extremely hard to fix Mitsubishi had trouble with it from the start. When one fixed one problem a new one is next to follow somewhere else. It was so bad that Mitsubishi ended up replacing the complete chassis and quickly phased this model out. There were troubles with the EEPROM as well so maybe you can check on that as well as all the pico fuses. Holler if you need the service manual

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Yes, the service manual would be great. How do I get one?


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