Suddenly showing vertical lines and flickering

It just happened suddenly while I was using it, now it’s unusable. There were a lot of flickering and pink/black/white lines appearing. The monitor was also 1 year old and I’m afraid it maybe out of warranty.

The only change that I made with my monitor was that I replaced the power adapter since the first one broke, it wasn’t exactly the same brand and model, but I made sure that it has the same 2.1A output. It worked for a few weeks, and then the monitor broke.

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Hi @criscore98 ,

Have you proved that the problem is with the monitor and not the source of the signal?

Try connecting another monitor (or TV if it has appropriate inputs) to the computer to check if the computer's video output is OK.

Try connecting to different inputs types on the monitor to prove whether the problem is input mode related i.e.. vga, DVI or HDMI, whatever is not being used at the moment


Hello @jayeff

Thank you for answering, and yes I already tested it and since I even already bought a new monitor, I can confirm that it is the monitor that has the problem.

The problem is still even present even without any source.


Hi @criscore98 ,

I can only suggest that you take the back off the monitor and inspect the boards for any obvious damage to the components, such as bulging or blown capacitors and heat stressed or burnt out components.

Without a schematic circuit (I cannot find any schematic circuits online) it would be difficult to find the actual cause of the fault.

If you find anything that you're not sure of, post some images back here and we'll try to help.

Here's how to do that.

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