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D1760-2 DECT 6.0 Cordless Home phone with caller ID.

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Flashing light on handset

The red light on all handsets is flashing and there is a rapid beep as dial tone. Can still ring out and receive calls . We dont have telstra message bank activated

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where is the find button



Please confirm the model number of your phone?


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Hi @tina51 ,

What is the model number of your phone?

If it is a Uniden Dect 1760 to turn off the light:

With the phone in standby, open the menu and select Global Setup; select VMWI Reset, then select Yes.

Is the phone connected as a VOIP phone service on the NBN?

If it is then are you sure that Messagebank hasn’t been turned On? By default Telstra turns on Messagebank when on the NBN.

What do you get when you dial 101?

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Thanks so much. Going to global set up fixed it . Yay. Thanks for thatt


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Press and hold the FIND button about five to ten seconds until the beeping stops.

You can also try clearing all incoming calls.

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